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For more music scores, including the tracks for Hot Seat, the U.S. clock format, Shuffle Format, and Kaun Banega Crorepati, see Specialized music scores.
The musical score most commonly associated with the franchise was composed by father-and-son duo Keith and Matthew Strachan. The Strachans' score provides drama and tension, and unlike older game show musical scores, Millionaire's musical score was created to feature music playing almost throughout the entire show, like another British game show, The Weakest Link, which is inspired by the Millionaire soundtrack. The Strachans' main Millionaire theme song takes inspiration from the "Mars" movement of Gustav Holst's The Planets, and their question cues from the £2,000 to the £32,000/£50,000 level, and then from the £64,000/£75,000 level onwards, take the pitch up a semitone for each subsequent question, in order to increase tension as the contestant progressed through the game. On Game Show Network (GSN)'s Gameshow Hall of Fame special, the narrator described the Strachan tracks as "mimicking the sound of a beating heart", and stated that as the contestant works their way up the money ladder, the music is "perfectly in tune with their ever-increasing pulse".

The Strachans' Millionaire soundtrack was honoured by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers with numerous awards, the earliest of them awarded in 2000. The original music cues were given minor rearrangements for the U.S. version's clock format in 2008; for example, the question cues were synced to the "ticking" sounds of the game clock. Even later, the Strachan score was removed from the U.S. version altogether for the introduction of the shuffle format in 2010, in favour of a new musical score with cues written by Jeff Lippencott and Mark T. Williams, co-founders of the Los Angeles-based company Ah2 Music.

List of soundtracks

Intro soundtracks Classic Rave
Original intro
UK (1998)
Classic Intro
Most countries (1999-2001/2005/2007)
2001 Intro (Version 2)
UK (2001-2004)
2004-2007 Intro
UK (2004-2007); Finland, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia (2005-2008); Serbia (2007-2011)
Endemol-produced versions
Netherlands (1999-2008); Germany (1999-2010); Poland (1999 pilot); Austria (2000-); Hungary (2000); Portugal, Slovakia (2000-2005)
Clean version of above
Rave Intro
Most countries (2007-2018)
Rave Intro
Albania/Kosovo (2008-2014); Ecuador (2008-2013); Arab World (2010); Netherlands (2011)
Clean version of Rave 2007
Intro (Croatia, Chile, Denmark, Netherlands, Vietnam, 2019-; Australia, Turkey (2020-)
Christmas Rave Intro
UK (2007-2013)
Russia (2008)
Host Entrance 01
(UK 2018-; Poland 1999-2003; Australia; KBC 2000-2007; Czech Republic 2000-2005)
Host Entrance 02
Classic: Titles (Switzerland, 2000-2001; Argentina, 2000-2002; UK, 2018-)
Rave: Into Hot Seat (Czech Republic, 2008; Chile, 2019-)
Host Entrance 03
Classic: Titles:(Spain 1999-2001; Russia 1999-2000; KBC 2000-2007; Philippines 2000-2001; Ukraine 2000-2004)
Rave: Into Hot Seat (Russia 2008-2011; Hong Kong 2018)
Fastest Finger First & Pregame
Meet the Contestants
Meet the Contestants: Early End Contestant (Vietnam)
Introduce 2 experts from Ask Two Experts lifeline (Vietnam)
Explain the Knockout Game/Explain FFF
Explain the Rules (UK, 1999-2014, 2018; Rave except US 2020 and Vietnam)
Tonight's Viewer Question (Slovakia 2007-2008)
Three Beeps
Three Beeps
(UK pilot 1998)
Tonight's Viewer Question (Czech Republic, 2005)
Out of Time
Background for Correct Order
Position in Order (1st to 4th from top to bottom)
Who Was Correct?
Fastest Finger First Winner
Goodbye to Contestant (Greece, UK 2018)
Fastest Finger First Winner (less common)
In the Hot Seat
Rave: Intro (Russia, 2014)
Explain the Rules
Closing Theme (Hong Kong, 2018)
Say Goodbye to Contestant
(Welcome new contestant, extended version for Germany)
Lifeline sound IDs (or "pings")
Tonight's Viewer Question: Lines are now closed (Czech Republic, 2005)
Phone-a-Friend's secondary version (UK, 2020-2021)
Ask the Audience (Chile 2019, UK 2018-2020)
Ask the Audience
Plus One (Chile, Vietnam)
Ask Three of the Audience (Finland)
Double Dip (Russia, 2018-)
Ask the Host (UK, 2018-)
Ask One of the Audience (Czech Republic, Germany)
Double Dip (Austria)
Switch the Question (Austria, Switzerland)
Switch the Question (U.S.)
Switch the Question (U.K., Australia, Poland, Slovakia, Russia & Turkey,)
Ask Three of the Audience (Chile, Vietnam, Serbia, Argentina)
Phone-a-Friend (Russia)
Ask Two Experts (Vietnam)
Double Dip (Turkey)
Final Answer Q1-5 (Chile 2019)
Three Wise Men
(Germany 500th episode - 2006)
Double Dip
Super Millionaire USA (2004)
Super Millionaire USA (2004)

Three Wise Men
Super Millionaire USA (2004)
Lights down and ambience
Before Q1, Q6 & Q11
Before Q1, Q6 - Q10 (Germany; Austria; Switzerland, 2011-; Czech Republic, 2016-2017)
Before Q1, Q6 - Q15 (Netherlands, Vietnam, 06/03/2012 - 14/08/2012 & 26/03/2013 - present)
After Out of Commercial (Vietnam, 2011 - present)
Before Q7 & Q12
Before Q11 - Q15 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland 2011, Czech Republic 2016-2017)
After Out of Commercial (Vietnam, 2006-2010)
Before Q8 & Q13
Before Q9 & Q14
Before Q10 & Q15
Before Q16
Question background Classic Rave
First 5 Questions
Classic: £64,000/£125,000 viewer competition (UK, 2018-)
Rave: Tonight's Viewer Question (UK, 2010-2014); Filler (Netherlands, 2011)
Question 6

Question 7
Question 8
Question 9
Question 10
Question 11
Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15
Question 16
Phone-a-Friend: Interlude
Phone-a-Friend: Countdown
Phone-a-Friend: Countdown
(Sweden, 2000)
Phone-a-Friend: Early End
Plus One
Ask the Audience: Ready
Ask the Audience: Vote
Ask the Audience: Results
Double Dip: 1st Guess
Double Dip: 1st Answer
Double Dip: 2nd Guess
Double Dip: 2nd Answer
Three Wise Men, Switch the Question, Ask the Expert, Ask Two Experts, Text Game Interlude
Three Wise Men, Ask Two Experts, Text Game
Ask the Expert
Ask the Host
Ask the Host
"Final Answer" confirmation
Questions 6 & 11
Q1-Q5 (Spain, 2020)

Q15 (Denmark, 2007-13)

Questions 7 & 12
Questions 8 & 13
Questions 9 & 14
Questions 10 & 15
Q11 - Q15 (Germany; Austria; Colombia, 2008-2013; Switzerland, 2011; Czech Republic, 2016-2017; Vietnam 2020)
Question 16
"Final Answer" confirmation (UK 1998)
Question 11
Question 12
Question 13
Question 14
Question 15
Reveal the answer Right Wrong
First 4 Questions
Question 5
Classic (1998-2007)
Question 5
Rave (2007-)
Question 6
Question 11
Question 7
Question 12
Question 8
Question 13
Question 9
Question 14

Q15 (Poland, played once by mistake in 2021)

Question 10
(Classic, 1998-2007); Q14 (Norway, 2000-7)
Question 10
When adjustable safety net not at £32,000 (UK, 2018-)
Question 10
Rave (2007-)
Question 15
Question 15
USA, 2001-2010
Other sounds Classic Rave
Walkaway in Question 6-10
Commercial Break (Netherlands, 1999-2008; Germany, 1999-; Russia, 1999-2000; Austria, 2000-; Hungary, 2000-2008)
Fastest Finger First Winner (Worldwide)
Intro (Italy 2000-2007, Israel 2020-present)
Say Goodbye to Contestant (Argentina, 2000-2002)
Walkaway in Question 11-15
Say Goodbye to Contestant (Slovakia, 2006-2008)
Into Commercial
Classic: Intro (US, 2020-)
Rave: Closing (France, 2020-)
Out of Commercial
Out of Time Klaxon
Pre-Closing Interlude
Rave: Closing (Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela)
Closing Theme
Bonus Tracks
Last Night on Super Millionaire
Full Clock Remix
Is That Your Final Answer? (Club Mix)
Kaun Banega Crorepati Intro
U.K. Clock
15-second version (2010-2014)
U.K. Clock
30-second version (2010-2014)
Kaun Banega Crorepati Clock
30-second version (2014-)
Kaun Banega Crorepati Intro