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Is is nineth season of Australian version of Millionaire Hot Seat. Hosted by Eddie McGuire. Top prize is $1,000,000.

Each contestant had clock:

  • Questions 1-5 - 15 seconds
  • Questions 6-10 - 30 seconds
  • Questions 11-15 - 45 seconds


Starting from January 23, 2017, Millionaire changed its format to mix both the traditional format with the Hot Seat format. In this format, the show was lengthened to a 30-minute show but is divided into two parts: Fastest Finger First and Hot Seat.

Fastest Finger First

In this version of Fastest Finger First, all six players will be using a touch screen to lock in their answers. The round is played similar to the original format of FFF, where there is a question presented with four possible answers and the contestant must lock in the singular answer to the question. (This is different than the second version of FFF where the contestants must put the four possible choices into a designated order). A minor difference between the original version and this new version is that the players will only have 10 seconds to lock in a guess rather than the normal 20 seconds. Additionally, some questions may be audio or visual questions with an accompanying audio clip or visual still accompanying the question. In this part of the game, there will be fifteen questions asked to all six players. Whichever player answers the most questions correctly in the shortest amount of time will receive a bonus $1,000 cheque. That check is theirs to keep unless they choose to give it back during the Hot Seat game in exchange for a lifeline. After all fifteen questions have been asked, the game moves into the Hot Seat round starting with the player in the first player position (regardless of how they finished in Fastest Finger First).

New Hot Seat Game

The new Hot Seat round plays exactly like it did before with one exception, the player with the $1,000 bonus from Fastest Finger First can now buy a lifeline when it is their turn in the Hot Seat. If a player is stuck on a question, they may return the $1,000 cheque to McGuire to pick one of the following lifelines: 50:50 (the computer chooses two random wrong answers and eliminates them), Ask A Friend (similar to the U.S.' Plus One lifeline, the contestant brings a designated companion to the stage to help with the question), or Switch (the current question is removed from play and is replaced with a new one). To use a lifeline, the contestant will simply ask for a lifeline to stop the clock, much like in the clock format, and McGuire will present the lifeline choices to the contestant. Once a lifeline is used (save for "Ask A Friend", where the clock is restarted after reading all possible answers), the clock restarts normally.


  • Pass
  • 50:50. From 2017, this lifeline is available for all questions, but only the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First and it's worth $1,000 that they won on Fastest Finger First.
  • Ask A Friend. From 2017, this lifeline is available for all questions, but only the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First and it's worth $1,000 that they won on Fastest Finger First.
  • Switch the Question. From 2017, this lifeline is now available for all questions, but only the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First and it's worth $1,000 that they won on Faster Finger First.


  • Episode 1 (23rd January 2017)
Donna Hartley
Ramon Watkins
Heather Pettersson ($1,000 - lost on $250,000)
Grant Cowey
Jim Inglis
Remy Williams
  • Episode 2 (24th January 2017)
Alexander Mcaskill
Sarah Browne ($50,000)
Esmeralda Harrison
Andrew Thoday
Laura Sitter
Graham Curless
  • Episode 3 (25th January 2017)
Ali Besanko 
Michele McGrath ($1,000 - lost on $20,000)
James Mirams 
Benjamin Smith 
Rochelle Haynes 
Graham Jefferson
  • Episode 4 (27th January 2017)
Emily Walley 
Rob Mould 
Jasmine Bautista ($10,000)
Col Beddoes 
Grady Rodgers 
Caroline Granger
  • Episode 5 (30th January 2017)
Paige Knapton
Jacqui McAtameny 
Matt Benbow ($250,000) 
Steve Draper
Allan Butler
Stephanie Woolridge
  • Episode 6 (31st January 2017)
Kate Bradforde
Clinton Brownese
Cassandra Tilbrook
Heather Markland
Tony Lawson ($1,000)
Gerry Spathis
  • Episode 7 (1st February 2017)
Trish Hong
Akiva Kennard
Rachel Mountford
Kate Ward
Steve Graham
David Rowell ($10,000)
  • Episode 8 (2nd February 2017)
 John 'Blackers' Blackman
Natalie Ambrose
Genevieve Xuereb ($1,000)
Matt Binks
Joy O'Neill
Tony Burge
  • Episode 9 (3rd February 2017)
Anastasia Martinez
Locky Todd ($1,000)
Graham McCallum
Jemma Evans
Damian Hatcher
Linda Harrington
  • Episode 10 (6th February 2017)
 Ysabel Chin
Steve Bickerton
Scott Gumley
Margie Neagle
Tim McGlone ($1,000)
Claudine Dearn
  • Episode 11 (7th February 2017)
 Celeste Hopcraft
Alida D'Angeli
Paul Nolan ($1,000)
Joshua Plumpton
Sarah Manderson
Ron Rodgers
  • Episode 12 (8th February 2017)
 James Smith
Niki Manolitsis
Michelle Trevorrow ($20,000)
Richard Daggett
Chichi Kafula
John Moss
  • Episode 13 (9th February 2017)
 Casey Kay
Neil Herlihy
Kate Row
Phil Kruse ($1,000)
Lesley Cooper
Mick Both
  • Episode 14 (10th February 2017)
 Penny Smith
Annie Jamieson-Blood
Hugh Trumble
April Slomiany
Gary Aarons
Max Gettler ($11,000)
  • Episode 15 (13th February 2017)
 Tricia Zelow
Ryan Harvey
Shaun Bennett
Michelle Cheng
Laurie Best ($1,000)
Verity Jones
  • Episode 16 (14th February 2017)
 Jordan Burgess ($2,000)
Adele Cashion
Sarah Riley
Helen Wakefield
Gareth Lloyd
Tanya Abo-Shaban
  • Episode 17 (15th February 2017)
 Jolyon Warwick-James
Cam Smith
Margaret Conway
Matt Van Hecke ($1,000)
Gizelle Phillips
Rach Lewarne
  • Episode 18 (16th February 2017)
 Nic Woods
Sonja Van Nieuwenhoven
Steve Fraser ($20,000)
Daniel Beratis
Ann-Maree Lourey
Mark Sykes
  • Episode 19 (17th February 2017)
 Garry Gill
Jaime Smith
Laurence Mason-Jones
Pamela Hamdorf
Sarah Brennan
Nathan Evans ($10,000)
  • Episode 20 (20th February 2017)
 Brenda Kittelty
Frank Tamburro
Lora Smith ($100,000)
Richard Boles
Katrina Lavictoire
Lex Lancaster
  • Episode 21 (21st February 2017)
 Mike Humphrey
Carolyn Jones
Tiara Shafiq
Tony Hirst
Nat Gunn ($1,000)
Simon Chiarelli
  • Episode 22 (22nd February 2017)
 Desiree Lowry
Steven Razlog
Garry Semmens
Stewart McKinlay ($1,000)
Ruth Kotevich
Adriana Greenhill
  • Episode 23 (23rd February 2017)
 Dionne Brenner
Chris Primmer
Mitch Simmons ($10,000)
Andrew Carrasco
Sonia Atanasovska
Kim Erbacher
  • Episode 24 (24th February 2017)
 David Aidone
Steven Goldstein
Julie Morris
Elizabeth Spiteri
Margit Santacaterina ($1,000)
Simon Micallef
  • Episode 25 (27th February 2017)
 Jason Green
Monica McIntyre
Mischa Jurkiewicz
Gordon Smith
Stacy Frogley ($1,000)
Sarah Lerpiniere
  • Episode 26 (28th February 2017)
 Helen Franklin
Sean Chapman
Alyshia Hibbs
Sharon Kelly
Tom Larkworthy
Martin Szymanski ($20,000)
  • Episode 27 (1st March 2017)
 Andy Leonard
Lisa Mitropoulos
Darcy Miller
Cheryl Fegan
Sarah McCann ($1,000)
Michael Patrick
  • Episode 28 (2nd March 2017)
 Marie Camin
Vicky Wanless
Pieter Van Pinxteren
Mike Champkin
Sonia Brown
Jack Hogan ($10,000)
  • Episode 29 (3rd March 2017)
 Lachie McKenzie
Vicki Fallon
Erin O'Keefe
David Thomson
Jay Whitmore ($1,000)
Tracey Korsten
  • Episode 30 (6th March 2017)
 Lara Podlubny ($100,000)
Dale Prescott
Madison Coppard
Kristina Benton
Sam McVinish
Jess Pham
  • Episode 31 (7th March 2017)
 Wendy Lowry
Sam Dendy
Nathan Schulz
Steph Roper
Tara Burns ($1,000)
Andrew Whyte
  • Episode 32 (8th March 2017)
 Ray Chenhall
Charmi Goli
Pete Marshall
Cory Wolverton
Cassie Biggs
Thanh Nguyen ($10,000)
  • Episode 33 (9th March 2017)
 Gillian Hall-Smith
Clare Stibbard ($1,000)
Alistair Gray
Braiden Asciak
Ross Maddalon
Hannah Cartmel
  • Episode 34 (10th March 2017)
 Emma Houghton
Bec Canham
Benny Morton
Lence Dimovska
Brad Sexton
David Stanfield ($10,000)
  • Episode 35 (13th March 2017)
 Rebecca Dellisola
Danielle Vassallo
Wayne Irwin
Bianca Debrincat ($1,000)
Sean Fox
Chris Murphy
  • Episode 36 (14th March 2017)
 Nicole Hall
Kathy Wright
Andrew Howell
Sach Ganvir
Darcie Barker
Simon Stegley ($50,000)
  • Episode 37 (15th March 2017)
 Frances Meren
Jude Healey ($1,000)
Charlotte Hurry
Tom Storey
Emma Kerr
Peter Tinney
  • Episode 38 (16th March 2017)
 Adrienne Davies
Lisa Naughton
Tal Grunberg
Chris Savery
Leah Kearns
Rod Snee ($20,000)
  • Episode 39 (17th March 2017)
 Niki Reed
Eils Tickell
Gregory Yong
Caroline Conliffe ($1,000)
Alex Hodgson
Mark Howison
  • Episode 40 (20th March 2017)
 Tanya Manderson
Emma Biggar
Krishna Rao ($100,000)
Patrick Tucci
Jon Perrott
Sharnie Gounder
  • Episode 41 (21st March 2017)
 Karissa Clare ($1,000)
Colin Lee
Gwyn Thornton
Ari Armstrong
Michael Patrick
Peter Rawthorne
  • Episode 42 (22nd March 2017)
 Danielle Ciuffetelli
Mick Bouchaud
Nathan Amatnieks ($2,000)
Liz Morrison
Marie-Anne Petelo
Jake Ritchie
  • Episode 43 (23rd March 2017)
 Alison Black
Rustem Upton
Vicki Middleton
Glenn Rogers
Danielle Babaian ($10,000)
Tom Hudson
  • Episode 44 (24th March 2017)
 Isabella Rositano
Cassie Springate
Craig Jones
Lee Carman
Gerhard Floridia ($1,000)
John Harrison
  • Episode 45 (27th March 2017)
 Marty Vana ($50,000)
Kalia Best
Henry King
Mark Dean
Glenise Travaglia
Craig Dick
  • Episode 46 (28th March 2017)
 Hugo Dean ($1,000)
Shirleysienna Coventry
Russell Bradney
Ken Mursell
Sophie Power
Anthea Jackson-Rushford
  • Episode 47 (29th March 2017)
 Lucy McCarthy
Maz McGann
Jen Thornton
James Berking ($20,000)
Andrew Moon
Brock Brebner
  • Episode 48 (30th March 2017)
 Ashliegh Fardon
Mathew Adams
Zac Aldridge
Jacqueline Brummell
Oscar Van Elten
Lex Lancaster ($10,000)
  • Episode 49 (31st March 2017)
 Imogen Elsby
Jessica De Souza
Max Garratt
Dylan Stanyer
Nat Adam ($1,000)
Colin Barton
  • Episode 50 (3rd April 2017)
 Benjamin Stevenson
Janette Corporal
Emily Freemantle
Greg Smith
Bec Squire
Dean Parker ($100,000)
  • Episode 51 (4th April 2017)
 Michael Thebridge
Liz Sawle ($1,000)
Nicola Robinson
Elke Williams
Jeff (Crocodile) Junee
Ashley Midalia
  • Episode 52 (5th April 2017)
 Kiera Hart
Jason Johnston
Maria Wensing
Dave Evans ($1,000)
Mollie Stefanek
Peter Fallaw
  • Episode 53 (6th April 2017)
 Greg Pollock
Liz Nye
Remy Williams
Irene Paraskevakis
Will Sinclair ($10,000)
Liam Casey
  • Episode 54 (7th April 2017)
 Evelyn Morraitis
Trish Foley
Daniel Coles
Kevin Kelly
Sean Fox
Deliala Bangera ($1,000)
  • Episode 55 (10th April 2017)
 Laurie Vassallo
Alex MacLeod
Kate O'Brien
Sheryl Green
Mathew Rizkalla ($1,000)
Anthea Trazzera
  • Episode 56 (11th April 2017) - 1,600th episode
 Nik Kozlov
Sharon Cauldwell ($50,000)
Peter Wilson
Jane Bateup
Mary Atkins
Adam Stuart
  • Episode 57 (12th April 2017)
 Leonie Rendall
Mandy Biggins
Pat Old ($21,000)
Steve Goode
Lahni Stephenson
Anthony Glatzel
  • Episode 58 (13th April 2017)
 Rod Ettridge
Julia Widdowson
Ashley Onions
Louise McIntyre
Tom Eastick
Laura Shanahan ($1,000)
  • Episode 59 (14th April 2017)
 Melissa Anderson
Dave McPherson
Muhammet Sozan
Em Novak
Jen Hadfield
Phil Manhire ($50,000)
  • Episode 60 (17th April 2017)
 Kate Crook
Martin Snee ($1,000)
Jody Beatton
Daniel Brownstein
Peter Lawson
Joss Henry
  • Episode 61 (18th April 2017)
 Paul Mittiga
Joe Sloan
Madi Bolton ($20,000)
Niki Belle
Prue Blackburne
Kevin Downey
  • Episode 62 (19th April 2017)
 Sarah Oldaker
Ray Buckley
Kelly McMillan
Robin Bell
Kaye Stefanovic ($10,000)
Matthew Siotas
  • Episode 63 (20th April 2017)
 Kayla Gilchrist
Andrew Zoli
Jayden Beville
Mel Abbey ($1,000)
Sandy Whytcross
Shane Quix
  • Episode 64 (24th April 2017)
 Carly Williams
Kristian Morris ($51,000)
Di Taylor
Andrew Barnett
Reece Starkey
Sarah Brubacher
  • Episode 65 (25th April 2017)
 Lizzi George
Monique Bailey
Paul McEvey ($20,000)
Caleb Sheard
Ursula Diamond-Smith
Anthony McKnight
  • Episode 66 (26th April 2017)
 Josh Koop
Lynne Vincent
Jess McDougall
John Rhodes
Rohan Bansal ($10,000)
Amanda Ralph
  • Episode 67 (27th April 2017)
 Lisa Bolton
Geoff Miller
Jillian Lanyon
Heidi Poole
Colin Boldt
Mat Cotton ($1,000)
  • Episode 68 (1st May 2017)
 Elouise Gaylard ($1,000)
Karen Scanlen
Gerry Spathis
Eric Clark
Marty Gnanananthan
Jane Jones
  • Episode 69 (2nd May 2017)
 Jackpot Selkirk
Greg Cust
Miranda McIlwraith
David Fontana ($20,000)
Ryan Evans
Judy Timoshanko
  • Episode 70 (3rd May 2017)
 Priscilla Thomas
Leyla Leyes
Peter Irvin
Will Vero ($20,000)
Jason Minter
Jade Gillan
  • Episode 71 (4th May 2017)
 Chris Knight
Kayla O'Dwyer
Eva Borowski ($10,000)
Brian Nolan
Jody MacPherson
Rusty Hogan
  • Episode 72 (5th May 2017)
 Dan Moran
Philippa Spark
Peter Smith
Jacky Kuzmins
Ben Morrow ($1,000)
Erin Cowling
  • Episode 73 (8th May 2017)
 Cassy Eaton
Chris Way ($50,000)
Julian Pileggi
Nicole Sadler
Robert Staunton
Nick Gerolemou
  • Episode 74 (9th May 2017)
 Mona Hecke
Danielle Moustoukis
Doug Mowbray ($20,000)
Sarah Lerpiniere
Patrick Cahill
Richard Troeth
  • Episode 75 (10th May 2017)
 Deborah Coffey
Paul Hill
Ash Uddappanda ($1,000)
Slavka Karamineva
Dylan Respondino
Simon McShane
  • Episode 76 (11th May 2017)
 Griff Macey
Jodie Hamilton
Ivana Novakovic
Jim Inglis ($10,000)
Kristie Seeger
Justin Meyer
  • Episode 77 (12th May 2017)
 Judy Cotton
Victoria Bicknell
Justine Gaske
Maddie Stephens
Andrew Centra ($1,000)
Steale Foumakis
  • Episode 78 (15th May 2017)
 Robert Cartmill
Rhiannon Thredgold ($1,000)
Fiona Stevenson
Shejuti Hossain
Darren Godbold
Jenny Stojcevski
  • Episode 79 (18th May 2017)
 Krissie Zibell
Mohammadali Taher
Joe Murphy ($50,000)
Simone Gargan
Crag Carrick
Sevda Karaca-Dakak
  • Episode 80 (19th May 2017)
 Chris Palmer
Bree Gaffney
Nick Spinks
Georgia Papatsaras
Noah Wakefield ($20,000)
Rosie Dros
  • Episode 81 (20th May 2017)
 Jonty Dear
Meredith Maddison
Jaimie Khan ($2,000)
Sanam Dongol
Gary Edwards
Nicole Cantillon
  • Episode 82 (21st May 2017)
 Justin Raiti
Marc Robinson
Eliza Clowe
Paul McNamara
Donna Hall
Heather Middleton ($10,000)
  • Episode 83 (22nd May 2017)
 Niketa Archer
Dom Ching
James Gardiner
Marrianne Laurie
Shane Lyons
Kylie Azmoodeh ($1,000)
  • Episode 84 (23rd May 2017)
 Anna Martin
Chris Dawson
Josie De Sousa-Reay
Raymond Bird
Jarrod Holmes
Alex Van Wyngaardt ($50,000)
  • Episode 85 (24th May 2017)
 Petrina Hare
Leah McQueen ($21,000)
Emma Hoch
Steve Draper
Gaius Maxwell
Max Tilley
  • Episode 86 (25th May 2017)
 John Grant
Jordyn Grubisic
Julie Venning
Danielle Hill
Sonya Fardell ($10,000)
Stephen Fagan
  • Episode 87 (26th May 2017)
 Owen Sacco
Jane Herringer
Merici Thompson
Lee-Ann Hawe
Jordan French ($1,000)
Ron Gillis
  • Episode 88 (29th May 2017)
 Noelene Bott
Izzy Grattion
John Derbyshire
Chris Edge
Josh Herschderfer
Caron Wasserfall ($100,000)
  • Episode 89 (30th May 2017)
 Jan Mackie
Brett Robinson
Ruth Thomson
Matthew Freeburn ($1,000)
Tamara Klisaric
Scott Voevodin
  • Episode 90 (31st May 2017)
 Caley Otter
Veronika Klaic
Allan Butler ($20,000)
Steve Kent
Amy Teiwes
John Cruwys
  • Episode 91 (1st June 2017)
 Andrew Whyte ($1,000)
Laura Paavola
Wayne Looyen
Adam Aberle
Jacob Bau
Robina Little
  • Episode 92 (2nd June 2017)
 Pat Howard
Dane Jaremczuk
Matt Blair
Lorena Cappellone
Peter Thanas
Sian Hartnett ($2,000)
  • Episode 93 (5th June 2017)
 Tony Morrison ()
Adrianne Maaser ()
Sara Kaleta ()
Tom McKenzie ()
Ross Hudson ()
Sandy Robinson ($250,000)
  • Episode 94 (6th June 2017)
 Josh Lang ($1,000)
Dan Sheehan
Natalie Cincotta
Pete Burns
Olivia McIntyre
Tracey Smedley
  • Episode 95 (7th June 2017)
 Glenn Cullen
Marlaina McPhillips ($20,000)
Annie Powers
Nick Sandars
Maureen Uhrle
Eddie Hoyer
  • Episode 96 (8th June 2017)
 Lucy Anderson
Rhonda Moss
Patrick Tucci
Leah Richter
John Swilks
Ian Gardner ($1,000)
  • Episode 97 (9th June 2017)
 Tyson Clancy-Jones ($20,000)
Verity Jones
Claudia Seers
Italia Tortomano
Rob Whyte
Ramon Cardosi
  • Episode 98 (12th June 2017)
 Andrew Iskander
Sarah Crosby
Paul Henry
Sandra Holland
Alex Kiers ($20,000)
Laura Griffin
  • Episode 99 (13th June 2017)
 Al Barkhouse ($50,000)
Angus Street
Micha Evans
Nandi Affleck
Michelle Lionello
Renee Zellner
  • Episode 100 (14th June 2017)
 Alex McKenzie ($1,000)
Kamalia Dinnadge
Melissa Speechley
Sheridan Finlay
John Gill
Ron Huntley
  • Episode 101 (15th June 2017)
 Laura Downie
Terry Condon
Kris Kelly
Kerry Smyth
James Kerr
Kuz Kapoor ($10,000)
  • Episode 102 (16th June 2017)
 Carolyn Matthews
Zoe Bradley
Peter Sturrock
Adam Lock
Sean Elson ($1,000)
Ren Ryan
  • Episode 103 (19th June 2017)
 Emma Onans
Tina Abeysekara
Alan Boyd
Sam Branigan ($1,000)
Barb Porter
Will Hodgetts
  • Episode 104 (20th June 2017)
 Molly Durrington
Eve Williams
Jandre Olivier ($50,000)
Stephanie Woolridge
James Abbott
Brian Pollard
  • Episode 105 (21st June 2017)
 Lauren Wilson
Danica Sardelich
Wayne Murray ($20,000)
Celia Donovan
Tom Groves
Ross Benton
  • Episode 106 (22nd June 2017)
 Natalie Coe
Jan Keys
Mario Sciaraffa
Tim Burn-Francis
Evan Stanyer ($1,000)
Eryn McNamara
  • Episode 107 (23rd June 2017)
 Kristy Hackwood
Paul Bucknall
Steve Loney
Sam Bratton
Jim Karathanasis ($10,000)
Susanna Quinn
  • Episode 108 (26th June 2017)
 Fiona Coffey
Daryl Tinworth
Jules Bibby ($100,000)
Issy Ferrier
Phil Suter
Shannon Russell
  • Episode 109 (27th June 2017)
 Jeremy Tour ($1,000)
Jamie Leach
Chris Murphy
Emma Genovese
Charles Halter
Jackie Geldard
  • Episode 110 (28th June 2017)
 Erin Foy
David Hamley
Sophie Lee
Bettine Burton
James Raper ($20,000)
Damien Balfour
  • Episode 111 (29th June 2017)
 Melissa Fletcher
Candice Mangan
Ben Ghee ($1,000)
Rachel Metelmann
Phillip Harsas
Liam MacGibson
  • Episode 112 (30th June 2017)
 Ashleigh Woollam
Crystal Hooper
Daniel Raftopoulos
Fiona McAuley Carter ($11,000)
Glenn Ryan
Geoff Welsh
  • Episode 113 (3rd July 2017)
 Andrew Peck ($1,000)
Kira Nieuwenhuis
Joan Gordon
Benita Kitanovski
Bob Small
Nick Reid
  • Episode 114 (4th July 2017)
 Kathy Cooper
Matthew Calderisi
Chris McCormack ($50,000)
Julie Zeman
Derek Perry
Anya McKenzie
  • Episode 115 (5th July 2017)
 Ana Matsis
Helena Dominko
Richard Boles ($20,000)
Martin Egan
Amber Rucinski
Glen Devison
  • Episode 116 (6th July 2017)
 Josh Schonafinger
Mary-Jane Shepherd
Elise Nowak
Emma Rankin ($1,000)
Tom Lucas
Geoff Rothberg
  • Episode 117 (10th July 2017)
 Julitha Ryan
Jason Tsitsopoulos
Carole Branch
Edwina Vejayaratnam
Bob Milstein
Will Hodgetts ($101,000)
  • Episode 118 (11th July 2017)
 Shane Hill ($1,000)
Megan Harrison
Judy Curtain
Matthew Wood
Steven Leithhead
Fleur Dow
  • Episode 119 (12th July 2017)
 Corinne O'Sullivan
Jenny Gibson
Henk Lustig
Ian Joyner ($20,000)
Cameron Howard
Analia Del-Re
  • Episode 120 (13th July 2017)
 Emma Sara
Greg Christensen
Rachel Fraser
Joanne Martin
Leigh Gilpin
Harris Boubis ($1,000)
  • Episode 121 (17th July 2017)
 Lara Pratt
Andrew Simmons
Lyn Ingram
Alicia Leckie
James Fremantle ($1,000)
Anthony Gennaccaro
  • Episode 122 (18th July 2017)
 Emma Vearing
Mike Stewart
Ashlyn Dillon ($50,000)
Naomi Pratt
Dan Anthony
Mark Wilson
  • Episode 123 (19th July 2017)
 Belinda Coleman
Joel Angus King
Liz Usher
Donna Oke ($1,000)
Jon Bailey
James Tucker
  • Episode 124 (20th July 2017)
 Fran Amos
Nev Gladman
Katherine Prouting
Richie Peiris
Justin Amor ($10,000)
Diane Chybowski
  • Episode 125 (24th July 2017)
 Tanila De Silva
Kay Chilcott
Hannah Gilvear
Guy Gibson
Maddie McKinley
Rosco Miller ($100,000)
  • Episode 126 (25th July 2017)
 Jess Novak
Ron Reichwald
Tom Hyde
Kim Blanch
Ben Faulkner
Tanya McLaine ($1,000)
  • Episode 127 (26th July 2017)
 Tara Henry
Ruby Harris ($20,000)
Rodney Rogers
Carolyn Darke
Justin Bowers
Tom McCathie
  • Episode 128 (27th July 2017)
 Amy Tanner
Rosemary Hillson
Andrew Hedstrom ($1,000)
Amanda Westwood
Isaac Blencowe
Peter Scarth
  • Episode 129 (31st July 2017)
 Samantha Sheldrick
Josie Byrt
Steven Gray
Matthew Martens
Claudine Dearn ($1,000)
Lochie Brick
  • Episode 130 (1st August 2017)
 Jess Calvert ($51,000)
Bruce Whalley
Lisa Jacobs
Sam Behrens
Scott Broadbent
Fiona Dale
  • Episode 131 (2nd August 2017)
 Laura Chudd-Chudzynski
Patrick Bramston
Daniel Cousens
Prudence Martyn ($1,000)
Josh Palin
Jenny Werle
  • Episode 132 (3rd August 2017)
 Emma Payne
Ben Beazley
Dylan Coulter
Wayne Taylor
Janine Vienet ($20,000)
Justine Hennessy
  • Episode 133 (7th August 2017)
 Peter Roberts
Nat Exon
Olga Megele
Martin Dulics
Phoebe Wilkens
John O'Donoghue ($51,000)
  • Episode 134 (8th August 2017)
 Caroline Lawes ($1,000)
Callan Jones
Melissa Tantchev
Steve Zadow
Jennifer Hamilton
Chris Charles
  • Episode 135 (9th August 2017)
 Dew Fagan
Adelle Fuller
Cam Harding
Paul Quattrone
Sharmitha Selvarajah
John Spencer ($10,000)
  • Episode 136 (10th August 2017)
 Kevin Grisé
Sharon Branigan
Alyssa Walker
Patrick Davis
Carmel Pambris ($1,000)
Jorge Gamba
  • Episode 137 (14th August 2017)
 Monique La Terra
Cheryll McIntosh
Dan Old
Jeff Hore
Pietra Lawson ($1,000)
Lochie Hayes
  • Episode 138 (15th August 2017)
  • Episode 139 (16th August 2017)
 Danika Pederzolli
Josie Ryan
Wayne Sandlant
John Perrott
Ben Pollack
Tonya Allen ($1,000)
  • Episode 140 (17th August 2017)
 Rachel Beswetherick
Trev Fleming ($10,000)
Marg Stevens
James Daly
Johnny Waite
Praba Sekhar
  • Episode 141 (21st August 2017)
 Rishita Parikh
Dave Payne ($50,000)
Callum Healey
Chris Hoare
Claire Tinker
Phil Morrissey
  • Episode 142 (22nd August 2017)
 George Haralambopoulos
Frances Selkrig ($1,000)
Brett Smith
Sarah Barker
Cassie O'Brien
Daniel Spizzica
  • Episode 143 (23rd August 2017)
 Nic Zoumboulis
Rae MacKenzie
Indiarna Ellis
Geoff Gwillim
Jason Balmer
Jenna Carr ($20,000)
  • Episode 144 (24th August 2017)
 Dave Reid
Victoria Dokic
Kristen Sachs
Jane Raman
Marcus Peplow
Giles Calwell ($10,000)
  • Episode 145 (28th August 2017)
 Sandra Hatfield
Gaya Gomatam
Mary Griffin ($1,000)
Ryan Sutton
Adrian Dragovic
Kev Wallace
  • Episode 146 (29th August 2017)
 Sue Mapleson ($50,000)
Jarod Hartung
Erica Weare
Holly Bensley
James Scarcebrook
Tony Faella
  • Episode 147 (30th August 2017)
 Piumi Munasinghe
Paul Adlington
Louis O'Keefe
Katja Nemaric
Richard Boakes ($20,000)
Linda Byrne
  • Episode 148 (31st August 2017)
 Richie Janda
Emma Bolton
Cathie Smith
Jack McGowan
Laura McPherson ($11,000)
Chris Carson
  • Episode 149 (4th September 2017)
 Emilia Zygocki
Danielle Parker
Lachlan Hutchison
Peter Tangent
Anthony Pruscino
Annette Jorgensen ($50,000)
  • Episode 150 (5th September 2017)
 Lyn Govey
Matilda Innes
Richard Black ($1,000)
Megan Keil
Brendan Mooney
Callum Fitzpatrick
  • Episode 151 (6th September 2017)
  • Episode 152 (7th September 2017)
  • Episode 153 (11th September 2017)
 Mark Sweet
Rose McKenzie
Rob Hill
Ruth O'Neill
Dani Jones
Tim Fenton ($1,000)
  • Episode 154 (12th September 2017)
 Angelique Greene
Tim Cooper
Doug Townsend
Cézanne Nataly ($20,000)
Dylan Ruddy
Marilyn Laskaris
  • Episode 155 (13th September 2017)
 Julianne Hayes
Neil Guthrie
Victoria Morley
Ben Szmerling
Brad Cook
Gael Peters ($10,000)
  • Episode 156 (14th September 2017) - 1,700th episode
 Dennis Crooks
Natalie Fitzsimmons
John Sinclair
Belinda Butcher
Carol Liefting
Anthony Frazzica ($1,000)
  • Episode 157 (18th September 2017)
 Jessica Roberts
Pam Shoobridge
Adam Metwally
Russell Fox
Emma Deusien
Nick Fennessy ($100,000)
  • Episode 158 (19th September 2017)
 Marita Hare
Davidé Gualtieri ($1,000)
Britt Gardner
Jennifer Thompson
Ben Lancaster
Ian Westman
  • Episode 159 (20th September 2017)
 Debbie Clarke
Oliver Nawrot
Lou Koppens ($20,000)
Cathy Horrigan
Rachael Blanchard
David Field
  • Episode 160 (21st September 2017)
Eloise Manto
Brett Cleland
Debbie Fletcher
Amie Jessop
Tom King ($1,000)
Steve Kozuharoff
  • Episode 161 (25th September 2017)
 Carol Moores ($1,000)
Finn McClelland
Drew Edwards
Renee Carman
Phil Regan
Rachel Furey
  • Episode 162 (26th September 2017)
 Louise Taylor
Steve Gill
Mel Bailey
Tony Koch
Amber Tsomaropoulos
Earl Pike ($50,000)
  • Episode 163 (27th September 2017)
 Rosemary Maimonis
Nathan Rhodes ($1,000)
Haylee Hutchings
Anne Marie Collins
Liam Fetherstonhaugh
John Retail
  • Episode 164 (28th September 2017)
 Nicola Mercer
Bernd Faveere
Pauline Heasley
Catherine Smith ($10,000)
Aaron Gunn
David Bell
  • Episode 165 (2nd October 2017)
 Uwe Gohr
Jane Lang
Ben Harris
David La Piana
Sarah Johnstone ($100,000)
Kathryn Fisher
  • Episode 166 (3rd October 2017)
 Patrick Oliver
Pam Lenne ($2,000)
Kristie James
Bernie Watts
Julie Whitwell
David Trainer
  • Episode 167 (4th October 2017)
 Bev Wardlaw
Courtney Downes ($20,000)
Peter Farrant
Marnie Jewell
Luke Maggs
Dallas Kaylock
  • Episode 168 (5th October 2017)
 Ciaran Shaw
Michelle Park
Lynn McFarlane-Smith
Rachel Ogilvie
Ryan Martin ($1,000)
Valerie Caine
  • Episode 169 (9th October 2017)
 Gabriella Hinson ($1,000)
George Bouras
Graham Pratt
Sam Simpson
Dave Harding
Amelia Lad
  • Episode 170 (10th October 2017)
 Helen Broadley ($50,000)
Tom Rose
Robbie Gray
Hannah Krishnan
Paul Lewis
Fiona Stavar
  • Episode 171 (11th October 2017)
 Jenny Mordy
Scott Cleggett
Christina Rotondo ($20,000)
Amber Ricketts
Sidney Somerville-Smith
Alex Lindros
  • Episode 172 (12th October 2017)
 Gabby Brown
Brett Dunsire
Nikki Smith
Alex Penman
Jo Greasley ($1,000)
James Kostov
  • Episode 173 (16th October 2017)
 Irene Branigan
Pat Fox
Tania Edmondson
Claire Romero
Michael Thomas
Simon Storey ($100,000)
  • Episode 174 (17th October 2017)
 Chris Johnstone
Carole McAughey
Nik Phizacklea
Louise Quilkey
Ashley Smart ($1,000)
Nicole Stockton
  • Episode 175 (18th October 2017)
 Fabs Binnie
Celia Vine ($20,000)
Kev Harris
Jazz Williams
Te Rina Taite
Nick Forrester
  • Episode 176 (19th October 2017)
 Jan Young
Anita Cowley
Jack Davies
Doug Schindler ($1,000)
Mark Brander
Steff Rojek
  • Episode 177 (23rd October 2017)
 Tim Landells
Renae Harris
Ben Roberts
Jean Hartigan ($1,000)
Anne McRae
Ray Wursthorn
  • Episode 178 (24th October 2017)
 Courtney Gaze ($50,000)
Ben Ulstrup
David Hocking
Lisa Moore
Holly Clarke
Keith Buchanan
  • Episode 179 (25th October 2017)
 Erika Siabatto
Hannah Willemsen
Sandy Bell ($20,000)
Nick Welch
Richard Dowsett
Rob Green
  • Episode 180 (26th October 2017)
 Omar Sada
Andrea Pope
Ian Rawlings
Kate Price
Sue Penninger
Alex Olaussen ($1,000)
  • Episode 181 (30th October 2017)
 Pam Corrick ($50,000)
Craig Jenner
Zara Stratton
Logan McPherson
Mike Cartwright
Christian Dymock
  • Episode 182 (31st October 2017)
 Jemyma Ryan
John Costa ($1,000)
Lainie Grugan
Lauren Nelson
Marty McIntyre
Joseph Xuereb
  • Episode 183 (1st November 2017)
 Colin Krycer
Emily Pont
Andrew Adams
Rachel Hibbert
Boyd Wilson
Lisa Oppy ($50,000)
  • Episode 184 (2nd November 2017)
  • Episode 185 (6th November 2017)
 Barbara McManus ($100,000)
Jakob Moser
Simone Dressing
Jess Torok
Simon White
David Head
  • Episode 186 (7th November 2017)
 Carol Young
Cam Smart
Melissa Cafarella
Mick Owens ($1,000)
John Beilby
Brooke McDermit
  • Episode 187 (8th November 2017)
 Roisin Lynagh
Andrew Marston
Deb O'Sullivan
Lachy McKellar
Philippa Branson
Adam Teasdale ($50,000)
  • Episode 188 (9th November 2017)
 Carly Pilgrim
Linda Byrne
Dave Corbett
Michael Ritterman
Beck O'Loan
Ben Demicoli ($1,000)
  • Episode 189 (13th November 2017)
 John Dutton
Amber Willimott
Jai Cahill
Irene Reid
Chris Taylor ($1,000)
Jaclyn Whaley
  • Episode 190 (14th November 2017)
 Yvonne Raeside
Lauren Thuys ($50,000)
Rod Houghton
Heath Evans
Simran Kaur
Justin Shaw
  • Episode 191 (15th November 2017)
 Chuck Davies
Jess Bodon
Megan Buttigieg
Kay Nyhuis
Lachlan Smith
Simon Woolley ($1,000)
  • Episode 192 (16th November 2017)
 Ebony Barnes
Tony Phillips ($20,000)
Anthony Gennaccaro
Erin Wescombe
Susan Brown
Stephanie Faiman
  • Episode 193 (20th November 2017)
 Anne Sheppard
Matt Crone ($50,000)
Gleen Cook
Caitlin Scaife
Peter Saines
Caroline Ruscitti
  • Episode 194 (21st November 2017)
 Joan Miller ($50,000)
Leif Bennetts
Julie Trutsch
Rochelle McKewan
Chris Corney
Mike Perkin
  • Episode 195 (22nd November 2017)
 Tracey McTighe
Cindy MacDonald
Owen Harvey ($1,000)
Dave King
Amelia Barnes
Simon Klapish
  • Episode 196 (23rd November 2017)
 Katie O'Neill
Kylie Thomas ($20,000)
John Barbour
Jenny Knowlson
Peter Collins
Josh Cukierman
  • Episode 197 (27th November 2017)
 Shane Fernandez ($50,000)
Jose Cole
Marianne Daniel
Cam Dimech
Garth Calder
Claire Andrews
  • Episode 198 (28th November 2017)
 Amber Bock
David Vincent ($1,000)
Holly Brennan
Trish Wilson
Ben Croker
Harrison Douglas-Klaassen
  • Episode 199 (29th November 2017)
 Dakota Webb
Lee Daffy ($50,000)
Damien Hall
Tahni Robertson
John Gibson
Noel Wyres
  • Episode 200 (30th November 2017)
 Joe McCombe
Carly Collister
Mary-Ellen Wallace-Smith
Zarina Greenberg ($20,000)
Paul Rendell
Dave Abram


  • In this season, the host Eddie McGuire had a cheque of $1,000 to awarded to a contestant if he answered correctly 15 Fastest Finger First question and in the fastest time. If 2 contestants had correctly the same number of Fastest Finger First questions, we will decide which one is the fastest.
  • In 1st episode, contestants both Ramon Watkins and Heather Pettersson answered the penultimate question wrong. He went home with $0, but she lost $99,000 and walked away with $1,000.
  • Jeff (Crocodile) Junee (51st episode) and Daryl Tinworth (108th episode) answered all 15 FFF questions correct answers.
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