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Millionaire Hot Seat, also known as Hot Seat, is an Australian television quiz show. The show is a spin-off of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? which began airing on the Nine Network on 20 April 2009. As with the original version of the show, it is hosted by Eddie McGuire. A special prime time edition aired on 8 June 2009.

The format was conceived in Norway and first premiered in Italy as a special edition, before being exported to Australia as a 5pm show stripped daily.

The show has been repeated on UK channel Challenge starting in February 2015 making it the first foreign Millionaire to be broadcast in the United Kingdom.

Base Format

Designed to be a faster-paced game than the traditional format of Millionaire, Hot Seat involves six contestants playing each episode taking turns trying to be the one in the "Hot Seat" who reaches the goal amount answers the question of that amount correctly. The goal amount starts at the highest amount on the money tree (shown on the right). The traditional three lifelines are replaced by a single "pass" lifeline, which will pass the current question to the next contestant in line (who cannot pass that question further) and send the current contestant to the end of the line, although, some versions may add back regular.

Each question is given a time limit to be answered (with the timer starting after the host reads through the question and the four possible choices): with the time allotted depending on the country. If a player fails to give an answer in the time limit, it is considered an automatic use of the pass lifeline. In the case that time expires and the current contestant cannot pass the question (either because they were passed the current question or they used their pass already), they are treated as if they gave an incorrect answer.

Unlike other Millionaire formats, the game does not immediately end on a wrong answer. Instead, the current contestant is eliminated from the game, the next contestant in line becomes the "Hot Seat" contestant while all remaining players move up one chair, and the goal amount is reduced to the next lowest tier on the money tree (unless it is lower than the current tier). Once the players are shuffled around, a new question is now asked and play resumes. Additionally, contestant may not walk away from the game under any circumstance. Due to this, it essentially renders questions 1-4 and 6-9 valueless.

The game ends either when all contestants are eliminated or when the question for the highest value in the money tree is answered. If the question on the last tier is answered correctly, the answering player receives the value of the question. If it is answered incorrectly, the last player to be eliminated receives either nothing (which means that nobody receives any prize money for that show), or the value indicated on the fifth question milestone if it is reached. No final contestant has ever gone away empty-handed. Another difference from the traditional format of Millionaire, the only guaranteed sum of money is on the fifth question for answering it correctly. This sum will be awarded to the contestant that is playing the final question of the money tree. If a contestant did not get a chance to answer a question and sit on the hot seat, they may get a chance to return at a later time to play the game as the producers often invite such contestants back. However if a contestant had a chance to play a question but passed their place in the seat, they are eliminated and will likely not be invited to return.

Some versions may use Fastest Finger First to determine the first contestant to the hot seat and one to get bonuses (like a lifeline or a cash bonus), much like traditional Millionaire.


  • Pass: Normally the only lifeline available on Hot Seat, this lifeline allows you to skip the question and join the back of the contestant cue. The following player will not be able to pass the same question.
  • Switch the Question: This lifeline could only be used on the day's final question. The question would be swapped, but the contestant would stay the same. It was dropped on May 8, 2015. Since 2017, this lifeline is now available for all questions, but only for the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First. This is used in the Australian and Portuguese version of the format.
  • Ask A Friend: Similar to Plus One, the contestant would be allowed to use the help of a friend in the audience. It was dropped on May 8, 2015. Since 2017, this lifeline is now available for all questions, but only for the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First.
  • 50:50: This lifeline could take away two wrong answers on a question. This lifeline is available for all questions, but only for the contestant who correctly answered the most questions in the fastest time in Fastest Finger First.
  • Phone-a-Friend: Contestant to call a friend and ask the answer the question. Used In Portugal only.
  • Ask the Host: Contestant can to ask the host about help with answer the question. Since October 12, 2020, it replaces Ask a Friend in the Australian version.

International versions

Countries/regions Title Host Network Top prize Premiere Finale
Australia Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Hot Seat Eddie McGuire Nine Network AU$1,000,000 20 April 2009
Arab world المليونير - الحلقة الأقوى
El milyoner - Elhalka elaqwa [1]
Mayssa Maghrebi Dubai TV Dhs. 1,000,000 17 April 2013 12 January 2014
Belgium Wie wordt miljonair? Staf Coppens VTM €1,000,000 7 August 2017 30 August 2018
Chile ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?: Alta tensión Diana Bolocco
Sergio Lagos
Canal 13 CL$120,000,000 4 January 2011 30 November 2012
Colombia ¿Quién quiere ser millonario? Silla Caliente
Only with celebrity contestants
Paulo Laserna Phillips RCN CO$300,000,000 24 March 2013 12 May 2013
Denmark Hvem vil være millionær? Alle mod alle Hans Pilgaard TV2 1,000,000 Kr 12 October 2009 19 October 2009
Ecuador ¿Quién quiere ser millonario?: Alta tensión Estéfani Espín Ecuavisa US$100,000 1 July 2012 30 November 2012
Millionaire Hot Seat Yannis Zouganelis Skai TV €100,000 29 October 2014 May 2016
Hungary Legyen Ön is milliomos! - felpörgetve Sándor Fábry RTL Klub 40,000,000 Ft 18 March 2010 27 May 2010
India (Hindi) Kaun Banega Crorepati Hot Seat Amitabh Bachchan Sony TV ₹10,000,000 1 November 2010 4 November 2010
Italy Chi vuol essere milionario? Edizione Straordinaria Gerry Scotti Canale 5 €1,000,000 15 December 2008 29 March 2009
Indonesia Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Hot Seat Ferdi Hasan RCTI Rp. 500,000,000 13 September 2010 31 October 2010
Norway Vil du bli millionær? Hot Seat Sarah Natasha Melbye TV2 1,000,000 Kr 4 January 2010 21 October 2011
Portugal Quem quer ser milionário? Alta Pressão José Carlos Malato RTP 1 €100,000 5 July 2010 31 December 2015
Filomena Cautela €50,000 June 20 2020
Spain ¿Quién quiere ser El Millonario? Núria Roca laSexta €100,000 15 February 2012 31 July 2012
Sweden Postkodmiljonären - Heta Stolen Rickard Sjöberg TV4 1,000,000 SEK 20 December 2011 13 December 2019
Ukraine Мільйонер - Гаряче крісло
Milyoner - Garyache Krislo
Vladimir Zelensky Inter 1,000,000₴ 15 February 2011 13 August 2011
Vietnam Ai Là Triệu Phú - Ghế Nóng Lại Văn Sâm VTV3 ₫120,000,000 7 September 2010 28 June 2011

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