Henri, was a contestant on the French version of the show on 13 July, 2006.

He gained viral notoriety worldwide after flunking out on a rather easy €3,000 question that he should have known the answer to, and after the audience gave him the wrong answer, ending up going away with only €1,500 as a result.

The infamous €3,000 question

€3,000 (6 of 15) - Not Timed
What is it that gravitates around the Earth?
"Ask the Audience" lifeline used.
• A: The Moon • B: The Sun
• C: Mars • D: Venus
Ask the Audience Results: A: 42% • B: 56% • C: 2% • D: 0%
For some odd reason, the contestant did not know the answer, so he decided to Ask the Audience, and when the results came out, only 42% of the audience said A: The Moon; 56% said B: The Sun, and 2% said C: Mars.

The contestant briefly considers using the 50:50 lifeline, but ultimately decides against it, and goes for B: The Sun as his final answer.

His wife, who was in the audience, knew that his answer was wrong, and that the right answer was The Moon, and when the right answer was revealed to be The Moon, a significant number of audience members gasped in shock at the right answer.

The host, Jean-Pierre Foucault, told the contestant that had he used the 50:50, he might have still ended up with the Sun and the Moon, and that the audience was really divided, and that he did not want to influence his decision, but that nonetheless, he still won €1,500.

Total des Gains: €1,500


  • It has been speculated that some members of the audience gave the wrong answer intentionally, similar to the Russian version of the show, which is notorious for the audience intentionally giving contestants the wrong answers on purpose; however, when the right answer was revealed, a noticeable, audible gasp of shock can be heard if the viewer listens closely.
    • However, a small but audible laugh can be heard once Henri locks in B as his final answer.
  • This incident, along with all of the numerous incidents of unlucky contestants on the U.S. version winning nothing after giving a wrong answer to one of the first 5 questions, may have inspired the "dumbest contestant ever" hoax, in which a fictional contestant named Kathy Evans failed to properly answer a simple $100 question after using up all three of her lifelines, because she was too skeptical of the assistance that was given (in fiction, stupidity is sometimes unrealistically exaggerated). According to the screenshot, it depicts her answering that elephants are larger than the Moon; the screenshot was actually a modified screenshot taken from ukgameshows.com, depicting UK contestant Fiona Wheeler properly answering her £32,000 question. She was notable for stating that she wanted to bathe in a bath filled with chocolate, something she later actually did in a photo shoot. In real life, there were two $0 winners on the U.S. version named Cathy Donley and Kathy Hempel, who both flunked out on the $1,000 question (question 5), not the $100 question (question 1).


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