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Brandon Blackwell (born Brandon Saunders) from New York City, is a contestant who appeared on the 11th season of the U.S. version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (shuffle format) who attempted to play for his grandmother's medical procedure. He walked away with $43,100 after walking away at the $100,000 question.

He is one of five Chasers in the third season of the American ABC version of The Chase, where he is given the name "The Lightning Bolt".

Brandon's Run to the Million

$7,000 (Question 1 of 14)
Category: Ready, Aim, Fire
At which of these attractions is one most likely to see a T-shirt cannon being used to excite and reward audience members?
• A: NBA games • B: 3D movies
• C: Poetry readings • D: Broadway plays
$5,000 (Question 2 of 14)
Category: Naughty Television
Due to its sultry late night programming, viewers have given a particular cable network what nickname?
"Ask The Audience" lifeline used.
• A: HBOgasm • B: Independent Filth Channel
• C: Skinemax • D: Screwtime
Ask the Audience Results: A: 16% • B: 5% • C: 69% • D: 10%
Meredith: "69% of you! You... you, you, you perverts, you!"
$3,000 (Question 3 of 14)
Category: Colored Quaffs
Because the juice of a blue agave plant is a key ingredient, a popular brand of tequila has what name?
• A: Oro Rojo • B: Oro Verde
• C: Oro Azul • D: Oro Naranja
Brandon: '...So I'll say *mimics Spanish accent* C, Oro Azul, final answer.'
$1,000 (Question 4 of 14)
Category: Gangsta Geese
In 2012, an Arkansas goose who survived being shot seven times with a pellet gun was named after what similarly lucky rapper?
• A: Ice Cube • B: Kanye West
• C: Lil Wayne • D: 50 Cent
$15,000 (Question 5 of 14)
Category: Treaty Signatures
The Lateran Treaty, which created the state of Vatican City in 1929, was signed by which of these world leaders?
• A: Winston Churchill • B: Joseph Stalin
• C: Benito Mussolini • D: Adolf Hitler
$500 (Question 6 of 14)
Category: Military Slang
What is the general military term for all types of supplies?
"Jump the Question" lifeline used.
• A: Bread & boots • B: Rice & rifles
• C: Beans & bullets • D: Apples & armour
$25,000 (Question 7 of 14)
Category: Online Search
Blending "etiquette" with "encyclopedia", Etipedia is a searchable database on which of these websites?
"Jump the Question" lifeline used.
• A: kingjamesbible.com • B: randmcnally.com
• C: emilypost.com • D: merriam-webster.com
$10,000 (Question 8 of 14)
Category: Natural Neuroses
A person suffering from gephyrophobia will almost certainly never visit which of these U.S. landmarks?
• A: Plymouth Rock • B: Liberty Bell
• C: Golden Gate Bridge • D: Gateway Arch
Gephyrophobia: an abnormal and persistent fear of crossing bridges.
$100 (Question 9 of 14)
Category: Shocking Saying
Someone in a state of complete disbelief might use the phrase, "I'll be a" what?
• A: Lemur's cousin • B: Beetle's brother
• C: Monkey's uncle • D: Dragon's daughter
$2,000 (Question 10 of 14)
Category: Barbie World
The creator of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler had a daughter named Barbara and a son, not surprisingly, named what?
• A: Gus • B: Bob
• C: Ken • D: Sam
$100,000 (Question 11 of 14)
On his show "No Reservations", chef Anthony Bourdain once said that what Icelandic dish was "unspeakably nasty" and "the single worst thing" he'd ever had?
• A: Seal heart • B: Fermented shark
• C: Fetal narwhal • D: Pickled albatross lung
Brandon decided to walk away.

The correct answer was B: Fermented shark.

Total Winnings: $43,100