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Justaguywhatelse Justaguywhatelse 25 October 2021

WWTBAM videos getting taken down

Many WWTBAM videos have recently been taken down by some conpany called LDS despite the fact that they don't even own WWTBAM, I don't know anything else about them though. Has anybody managed to archive some videos before they got taken down.

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Ahp554 Ahp554 17 October 2021

Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti (Season 1)

So, I found some videos about Ke Hobe Banglar Kotipoti (Season 1) on YouTube about contestants, I can add the pictures, but I do not know the episode number. So, can anyone pls tell me about the episodes when Gautam, Jeet etc came there?

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Manajmax Manajmax 2 September 2021

Rare versions

Hey ! Some versions are super hard to find any news, picture, small clip about, such Kenya, Pakistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina season 1, Switzerland, Iceland, San Marino. Maybe you have something to share it with our community guys :))

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TeddilaHD1999 TeddilaHD1999 6 June 2021

When was the last episode of Vrei să fii miliardar? broadcast in 2003? 22 May, or 1 July 2003?

It is well known that 2003 was the final year of Vrei să fii miliardar? being broadcast on Prima TV in Romania. In comparison to other international versions of WWTBAM, there are no more than 15 videos of VSFM being uploaded on YouTube. Luckly, one of them is being the final episode of the show from 2003, featuring Doru Popovici (30,000,000 lei) and Nicolae Daraban (125,000,000 lei). The video has a date provided: 22 May 2003, thus it's considered to be its actual date it was broadcast. Indeed, several sites dedicated to the show indicate 22 May to be the final date of VSFM.

Yet, on WWTBAM wikia, the final date is shown as 1 July 2003, a considerable distance between those two dates. Undoubtely this might make readers a bit confused.

So, wh…

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Ibu-saki1970 Ibu-saki1970 25 May 2021

This man here is NOT a Top Prize Loser

So, it seems that many person believe that this man here is a Top Prize Loser on the Japanese version.

Well, as a Millionaire fan from Japan, I would like to point out that he is, in fact, NOT a Top Prize Loser, or even a contestant on Quiz $ Millionaire at all.

His "run" was shown on a Japanese TV show called Trivia no Izumi (The Fountain of Trivia) in a segment called Trivia no Tane (The Seed of Trivia). You can find out more about the show here, but basically, in this particular segment, the viewers submit questions to the show to receive an answer on screen as a trivia. One of which was a Millionaire related question...

A viewer sent Trivia no Izumi the question: "On Quiz $ Millionaire, which one of the four options has become the correct answer the mos…

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Ibu-saki1970 Ibu-saki1970 8 April 2021

Suggestion for Deletion

There are two articles that feature the exact same person and run (Tetsurō Tanba and Tetsuro Tanba), which makes me think that one of them should be deleted.

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Smart star Ranjeet Kumar Smart star Ranjeet Kumar 28 March 2021

Ranjeet kumar

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LWM2019 LWM2019 30 November 2020

Lotto Weekend Miljonairs

Co-owner of the Dutch YouTube channel: ' lotto weekend miljonairs' where you can find full-episodes from Lotto Weekend Miljonairs from the RTL4 era between 2006-2008.

YouTube Channel:

From Saturday 5 December 2020 at 8pm CET time (7pm UTC), we will start uploading new full episodes of Lotto Weekend Miljonairs from the SBS6 era between 2001-2006. From then we will upload an episode every Saturday at 8pm CET time (7pm UTC).

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Hankhill22 Hankhill22 14 November 2020

Incomplete pages

Heres this a list of pages that on the wiki but are incomplete.

  • Jim Williams
  • Bill Beattie
  • Andrea Scluttenhofer
  • Al Schaeffer
  • Chris Goldschmidt
  • Pierre Audet
  • Mickey Mariacher
  • Kathleen Swanekamp
  • Lori Guilmartin
  • Gary Ittner
  • Patty McGrath
  • Jeff Fisher
  • Cliff Kowalcysk
  • Claire Edelstein
  • Greg Gibbs
  • Suzy Law
  • Ian Podraza
  • Adam Steiner
  • Lynn Baldwin
  • Marion Ross
  • Angela Hoagland
  • Rich Matthews
  • Kevin Swaluk
  • Pam Waltz
  • Jeff Silkie
  • Cindy Williams
  • Maureen Block
  • Todd Creekmore
  • Michael Lowenstein
  • Barry Lake
  • Lori Bailey
  • Monice Lenhard
  • Kyle Hunter
  • Roger Friedman
  • Bob Watts
  • Jennifer Morgan
  • John Hilbert
  • Mike Gross
  • Nick Boneff
  • Gary Jackson
  • Brad Bianucci (His run never aired)
  • Martin Poteralski
  • Joel Reid
  • Shari Grosenbach
  • Tom Bolton
  • Art Kraus
  • Julie Doran
  • Dan Siefried
  • Kyong Halvorson
  • Rene Nortz
  • Bill Harn
  • Zach Jaffe
  • Linda Percy…
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Ibu-saki1970 Ibu-saki1970 10 October 2020

A quick notification

There has been multiple malicious edits (adding irrelevant links) done by a user named PAVLAPRAVA. I have undone all of his edits but do please keep an eye out on him.

P.S. What a person... he's at it again.

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Gameshowguy2000 Gameshowguy2000 8 October 2020

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 2020... my review

Now, while it may have the flair of the current British version hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, Jimmy Kimmel's not so bad. In fact, he won $125,000 when he was a contestant on Regis' version.

The original music is back, so that's a nice plus. The fact they're not using Ask the Audience is fine. Let's give this some time.

Thoughts? Chime in. Gameshowguy2000 (talk)

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Millionaire2019 Millionaire2019 19 June 2020

Finding (Partial) Rave Versions of Q13-16, and the original Q6-9 without talking

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Jackcroley2020 Jackcroley2020 6 June 2020

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire revival

I love the revival on Who Wants to be a millionaire.

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Tranze Tranze 26 May 2020

Vietnam money tree with sponsors (2005-2008)

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Tranze Tranze 21 May 2020

Just for fun

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Adding runs to the million for czech contestants

Since most pages of the czech contestants have no run to the million, i will add their run to the million, but first i will start with contestants who walked away Empty-handed.

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Nam7ccaothang Nam7ccaothang 29 April 2020

About the Penultimate Question of the first Penultimate Prize Loser in Vietnam on 2007

When I and my mother go to walk around the road, my mother said that she know the 14th question of an conpetitor who was the first Penultimate Prize Loser in Vietnam.  I write this question I heared from my mother in Vietnamese.

This is the question: Năm nào không xuất hiện trong lịch?

4 answers are Canh Tý, Giáp Tý, Bính Tý and Mậu Tý

My mother said that the correct answer is Mậu Tý.

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WIENERBUS2000S WIENERBUS2000S 28 April 2020

Correct naming of the FFF round.

For every time, when i see name of FFF simply named "Fastest Finger" on other than the U.S. and Canada, i will rename it to the "Fastest Finger First", because "Fastest Finger" name is official name only for the U.S. and Canadian versions of the show.

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Huydarwinyt Huydarwinyt 26 April 2020


Yes, That's what I wanna say.

As you know, Wikipedia and of course FANDOM is a free-editing blog about everything around us.

But, take advantage of that, some people always try to grief and destroy the wiki. And now, there's an "Autism" group trying to grief it. They change the articles of the winners to a way that they died because of mocking.... the group. TÈO HD TV is a member of that group. So, I hope anyone can DELETE and BAN him.

(P/s: sorry for my bad English)

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WIENERBUS2000S WIENERBUS2000S 13 April 2020

FFF Fails

Every day when i see new FFF fails from the Austrian and German versions of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, I will update each time.

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Tranze Tranze 31 March 2020

My custom money tree (Proposed for Vietnam if đồng increase its value)

50:50 / +1 / Ask 3 Audiences / Flip (from 10th question)

15: 50,000,000

14: 12,500,000

13: 7.500.000

12: 3,500,000

11: 1,000,000

10: 500,000

9: 320,000

8: 180,000

7: 100,000

6: 60,000

5: 50,000

4: 40,000

3: 30,000

2: 20,000

1: 10,000

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Huynh Dien Huynh Dien 22 March 2020

In need of the following player's name

I'm looking for some player's name from Vietnam:

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Tranze Tranze 22 March 2020

Who are they

they are in Kim 1 milyon ister

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Mic79 Mic79 3 February 2020

Millionaire Fandom

I'm here every day to add articles of millionaire who their didn't exist on the wiki

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Mic79 Mic79 3 February 2020

Series of the UK version

Hello, I decided to create all contestants full run for the UK version. This is the series I create all contestants:

  • Series 7
  • Series 8
  • Series 9
  • Series 10
  • Series 11
  • Series 12
  • Series 13
  • Series 14
  • Series 15
  • Series 16
  • Series 17
  • Series 18
  • Series 19
  • Series 20
  • Series 21
  • Series 23
  • Series 24
  • Series 25
  • Series 26
  • Series 27
  • Series 29
  • Series 30
  • Series 31
  • Series 32
  • Series 33
  • Series 34
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MillionairePL MillionairePL 9 January 2020

Missing footages of top prize winners

Hello! I decided to create a list of missing footages of top prize winners. The purpose is, to find as many as possible videos/sources/etc. What kind of form do you prefer? 1. A Word file 2. Article in this Wiki 3. Another idea? Please share your ideas. Any help will be great!

The list is TERRIBLY long...If I missed something - please, tell me! (this is only a raw version, please forgive me possible mistakes)

List of missing footages of top prize winners


1.      Renata Morgado

2.      Enrique Chicote (only 15th question available)

3.      Yasuyuki Kunimitsu

4.      Yoshiaki Nagata

5.      Ana Damásio

6.      Harshvardhan Navathe

7.      Frédéric Grégoire (only short fragment of winning moment available)

8.      Ingrid Vervaeck (only short fragment of winni…

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MaxB99 MaxB99 3 October 2019

New season of Chilean "Millionaire"

«Quién Quiere Ser Millonario?» has a release date: it will generate changes in the issuance of Power Games

The return of the program «Quién Quiere Ser Millonario?», surprised viewers, especially for the new television house of the format, Mega.

Same sign that confirmed on Thursday to Page 7 the release date of the successful contest format, which has been issued in more than 120 countries.

It will be next Thursday, October 10 when the driver Diana Bolocco, who had already animated the space during 2011 and 2012 on Channel 13, we are going to the season.

In the first promotional spot, it is shown that the footballer Mark González and the actor ‘Miguelito’ will help win the 100 million pesos jackpot to the short-cut football team.

At the same tim…

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MaxB99 MaxB99 2 October 2019

New season of "Hvem vil være millionær?"

Brand new season of "Hvem vil være millionær?", celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Christian Degn hosts the program, and with it he has a big news: For the first time in the program's history, a fourth lifeline is added to the game, because in addition to the three existing lifelines, participants can now also ask the host for help. There are still 15 questions up to the million, but who goes all the way? Karsten from Slagelse will be the first contestant of the season and he is keen to play high games.

— https://vk.com/wall-97638035_11019

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Tranze Tranze 21 August 2019

Some farewell

Just kidding!

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Tranze Tranze 29 April 2019


should i create a category :contestant used all lifelines on 1 question i.e michela de paoli ?

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Glitchedblood Glitchedblood 4 March 2019


Hello. Just testing out the blog function.

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Tranze Tranze 4 March 2019

Quiz game

who can decrypt the acronym


hint: the nation version of wwtbam

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Hankhill22 Hankhill22 3 April 2018

Pages that need pictures.

I want the pictures of the contestants to have their faster finger introduction. Here are the ones that don't have it.

  • Dave Fought
  • Eric Fillman (He doesn't even have a picture)
  • Frank Tangredi
  • Tom Wheltle
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Norm MacDonald
  • Lisa DeWitt
  • Debra Humphrey
  • Matthew Gray
  • Kevin McSwain
  • Jack Martin, Jr.
  • Mike Bordin
  • Raymelle Greening
  • Andy Jackson
  • Debby Mittleman (A better quality picture is needed)
  • Ellyn Ritterskamp
  • Rob Wilson (His faster finger picture is too blurry, and it's block by the GSN sting)
  • Dee Phillips
  • Charles Barkley
  • Stephanie Stradley
  • Jim Williams

Here are ones with a fastest finger intro, but not from their original episode.

  • Ian Reifowitz
  • Mike Menz
  • Martin Poteralski
  • Karla Robinson
  • Stan Wu
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MillionaireGabe MillionaireGabe 10 March 2018

Pages needed to add their contestant's full run.

Since I add more pages to work for their contestants run on the Philippine and U.S. version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, here are the statistics for the U.S. version and the list of Philippine contestants that I needed to work on:

U.S. version:

Season 15 (U.S. Syndication):

EP 36 to 40 - (0 / 4 full runs)

EP 41 to 45 - (0 / 7 full runs)

EP 46 to 50 - (3 / 4 full runs)

EP 51 to 55 - (0 / 5 full runs)

EP 56 to 60 - (0 / 7 full runs)

EP 61 to 65 - (0 / 5 full runs)

EP 66 to 70 - (0 / 6 full runs)

EP 71 to 75 - (0 / 6 full runs)

EP 76 to 80 - (0 / 6 full runs)

EP 81 to 85 - (0 / 7 full runs)

EP 86 to 90 - (0 / 7 full runs)

EP 91 to 95 - (0 / 7 full runs)

EP 96 to 100 - (0 / 6 full runs)

EP 101 to 105 - (1 / 8 full runs)

EP 106 to 110 - (0 / 5 full runs)


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Hankhill22 Hankhill22 20 February 2018

More pages to work on.

10th Anniversary Edition

  • Sherri Shepherd

Syndicated Version

  • David Rich
  • Art Kurtz
  • Vivian Sicherman
  • Matthew Klassen
  • Dina DiEluetrio
  • John Taylor
  • Ben Byrne
  • Peter LaMont
  • Janelle Newland
  • Marina Jurcev
  • Mark Cunningham
  • Kerrin Griffith
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Hankhill22 Hankhill22 3 February 2018

Pages for me to work on.

I'm working on the primetime U.S. edition.

  • Matt Silcox
  • Kevin Hamilton
  • Paul Riecke
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Acupvietnam Acupvietnam 28 January 2018

Looking for something

Can someone give me a link to watch Wer wird Millionär episodes from 2008?

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Acupvietnam Acupvietnam 16 December 2017

My channel


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Andrei Mihalache Andrei Mihalache 18 August 2017

New page Marco Sacconaghi

Hello everyone i create a page on an italian contestant named Marco Sacconaghi write chi vuol essere millionario and go to other winners and and click on Marco Sacconaghi

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Markusizr Markusizr 8 July 2017

My personal Blog

This is my personal blog. For while i dont know what to add.

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Ed1996 Ed1996 2 May 2016

Um wow!!!

I just watched a video of WWTBAM. The contestants' names were Russell Grant and Sheila Ferguson and they reached the £250,000 Question but lost £93,000 of the £125,000 they had won for getting it incorrect. Is the first ever celebrity pair to lose £93,000? If not, who is?

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Ed1996 Ed1996 22 April 2016

Hi Millionaire fans!!!

Haven't been on in a long time! Just came to see how everyone's doing?

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