Ai Là Triệu Phú - Ghế Nóng (Who is the Millionaire - Hot Seat) was the Hot Seat version of Ai Là Triệu Phú based on the original Australian Hot Seat version. The show began airing on VTV3 on September 7, 2010 and ended on June 28, 2011. It was hosted by Lại Văn Sâm.

There were 15 questions with randomized difficulty. Contestants had to answer the questions correctly to have a chance to win the top prize. When there was a difficult question, they could use their "Pass" lifeline and the next contestant was required to answer the question and could not pass. Each contestant could only pass once. If the answer was correct, the contestant will be playing for the next prize in the money tree. If the answer was wrong, that person was eliminated, and the top prize would go down one level, with a bonus 5,000,000₫ (if that person gave a wrong answer on the 15th question).

In each game, there were 6 contestants. Each contestant had 15 seconds for questions 1-5, 30 seconds for questions 6-10 and 45 seconds for questions 11-15.

The last contestant to answer question 15 or the last person on the hot seat would be the winner of the top prize if the answer was correct. If the answer was wrong, the contestant would only win ₫5,000,000.

List of episodes

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Money Tree

Prizes in bold are safe havens.

Question Prize
15 120,000,000₫
14 80,000,000₫
13 50,000,000₫
12 35,000,000₫
11 25,000,000₫
10 20,000,000₫
9 15,000,000₫
8 10,000,000₫
7 8,000,000₫
6 6,000,000₫
5 5,000,000₫
4 4,000,000₫
3 3,000,000₫
2 2,000,000₫
1 1,000,000₫


There was only one lifeline in the show:

Top Prize winners

  • Unknown Player - 120,000,000₫ (May 24, 2011)

The biggest winners


  • In one episode, a contestant lost due to a bad question about the planet named after the goddess of beauty and love in Greek mythology. The answer was claimed to be B, however, the contestant complains afterwards to the staff, who finds out the question was flawed. The host demanded an another question, so therefore he was allowed to continue the game, ending up winning ₫5,000,000 after incorrectly answering the final question worth ₫35,000,000.